Our Softbandz® are versatile stretchy 5" wide headbands that you can wear many different ways including covering your nose & mouth. We also use a variety of high end stretch fabrics to make our Softbandz®.  Each collection is unique.  Our Surf line is made with Supplex®Nylon which is chlorine & salt water resistant.  Our Athletic Performance line is made with moisture-wicking & microfiber fabrics. All of our NEW ARRIVALS feature finished edges unlike our competition.  Most of our prints are limited edition. Whether you are a biker, surfer, skater or a fashion diva, Bolt Headgear has what you are looking for when it comes to active minded designer style headwear.  Click on our store finder above to locate your nearest retailer or visit our Outlet Store to view or order our newest prints or clearance section. Visit our online store at  Steel Horse Apparel for unique biker inspired apparel & accessories from leather rhinestone handbags & belts to boot chains & more. Like Us On Facebook!

Softbandz® Can Be Worn:

1.     Wide—when fully opened either on your head or over your mouth & nose area on your face as a cloth mask

2.     Narrow:  as a traditional headband without opening out the fabric

3.     As a pony tail holder when scrunched several times around the pony tail

4.     As a fashion accessory around the rim of a cowboy hat or even around your neck

Softbandz® Placement Instructions

1.     Just pull the headband down over your head to your neckline

2.     Keep the tag at the back of your neck (tag facing outside & not touching your skin)

3.     Open to desired width (keep any folded fabric neat & taunt while pulling over your face)

4.     Pull up over your face to your hairline as desired—see photos below

5.    For those with bangs:  For best results, pull bangs out from under headband with a small comb after headband is already on.

6.    To prevent from sliding, do not push too far back.  Headband should be worn on an angle & close to the forehead hairline.

NOTE:  All new arrivals have finished edges which are sewn.  All older prints including those with a tapered back may require you to slightly fold in the edges for a cleaner look since edges could roll.  Regardless, the fabrics we use will not fray.
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Wash & Care
COLD WATER. Hand wash OR gentle cycle.  Line Dry.