Our Softailz® are a unique head covering that do not require any tying.  One size fits most.  They fit snug, but comfortable for most.  Softailz® will also fully protect a pony tail. There is a 2nd opening in the tail portion which allows you to place your ponytail inside as in the blue flames photo above.  Softailz® will keep your hair out of your face and most "road grime" out of your hair. Softailz® are designed for both men & women--depending on color & print.  They are reinforced with an elastic band. Just put on & tuck the tail in the rear opening & pull tight for a smooth round fit.  They have been tested to stay on at high speeds and during periods of high activity/movement.
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Softailz® are not just for bikers/motorcycle enthusiasts, they are also great for:

Cancer/Chemo/Alopecia/Hair-Loss Patients:
Can be worn as an alternative to a wig, scarf or turban.  They will not slide off even in windy conditions and you do not have to worry about tying anything in the back of your head since they self adjust with our soft elastic band.  Our designer prints include rare paisley prints that can easily accessorize with the latest fashion trends & do not label you as a "biker". They do fit snug, but comfortable for most persons & allow you to be active & feel confident that your head covering will not come off while you are enjoying activities such as jogging, cyccling, boating, exercising and simply..having fun.
Boaters & Contractors:
Protects your head from the sun and from the wind.  Also helps to cool you off on those hot days---just submerge your Softailz® in ice cold water from your cooler, squeeze it out and put it on...ahhh...what a relief!  Perfect for wearing under hard-hats.
Helps to keep long hair away from your face.  Most are made of soft, moisture wicking fabric so it's breathable and absorbent. Also protects your head from the sun.  Machine washable!!
Instead of a bandana or medical scrub, it easier to put on because there is nothing to tie.  Soft, moisture wicking fabric is breathable and absorbent.  It will help to keep hair & sweat away from face.  Also more fashionable & machine washable!

Turn inside out, use cold water, hand wash OR use machine wash/gentle cycle.  Air Dry/Line Dry is best. Low heat dry for thicker/heavier fabrics.


Pony Tail Option
To protect your ponytail, first put the Softailz® on properly.  (Put on over your head then take the tail of the hat and stuff through the rear opening & pull).  Once the Softailz® is on then make sure that your ponytail is held together with a standard rubber ponytail holder at the lower back center of your neck.  At this point, your ponytail should be hanging loosly underneath the tail of the hat.  The LAST step is to take your ponytail and push it into the 2nd opening located in the interior portion of the tail so that your ponytail is inside the tail of the Softailz®.  If your pony tail is too short, you may need to reinforce it by placing a standard ponytail rubber band on the outside of the fabric in order to keep your ponytail from coming out of the fabric. Keep in mind that most clearance prints in the outlet store DO NOT have the ponytail option since clearance items were cut from our older pattern.  Please visit a local retailer or our Outlet Store to see our newest patterns.