About Bolt Headgear

Since 2007, we have been offering our clients an alternative to unique headwear. Our headwear is hand made in the USA and strictly for sale online here on this website or on Amazon or Ebay. We cater mostly to women and girls.  Our headbands are designed to fit snug, but comfortable for most women and girls. Our Softailz biker headwear are for both men & women & can stretch to fit both.

Although our Softbandz were designed to be worn on the head as a headband, they are currently being "repurposed" as a cloth face covering. Because they stretch and open to at least 5" wide they work as a softer and more comfortable alternative to a stiff cotton cloth cover with elastic around the ears. Our Softbandz do not have any ear elastic and this is what makes them different and comfortable. They all made of different stretch fabrics so try more than one. We thank you for your patronage & for visiting our online store and supporting small US based businesses like ours.
Thank you!
Mary Bradford, owner & designer
Bolt Headgear
Berlin, MD